Our Vision

…to be a place of Refuge where hurting people can come and find help and a place of acceptance. Where anyone can come and discover the love and forgiveness of God. Where everyone will be accepted.

…to be a place of Strength where we can strengthen and encourage people helping them overcome the challenges they face and become victorious. Making people stronger, friendship stronger, marriages stronger and families stronger.

…to be a place of Mercy where we minister to people’s needs and where they can find grace and help. Where we can be a storehouse and distribute to those in need for we have received freely and we will freely give to those in need.

…to be a place of Stretching where we challenge people to grow and change. To leave behind their past failings and go forward to a new life in God.

…to be a place of Excellence where all we do is done well for the glory of God. Where we teach and encourage others to live with excellence. Where we are seeking the best for everyone and encouraging success and improvement in everyone’s life.

…to be a place of Worship where our passionate worship touches people and pleases God. Where people are free to worship God in an atmosphere of faith. Where God is exalted and people are refreshed as they worship. Where the presence of God is experience, felt and known.

…to be a place of Faith where people grow in their faith and where the Word of God is preached without compromise so that together in faith we move mountains and impact our world. Where we see miracles and changed lives. Where people find Christ as Saviour and the Gospel changes their lives.

…to be a place of Healing where those who need refreshment and healing will find wholeness in Christ. Where healing for the spirit, soul and body is a reality. Where marriages, families and relationships are healed. A place that brings wholeness to people’s lives through the word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.